Adding Color September 29 2013, 0 Comments

Introduction of color to your garden can be a scary thing. There have been so many times that the public has been shown color in the garden and have been tortured to never try again due to fear of public ridicule. i.e. Pink flamingo's, Red Nome's and poorly chosen colored outdoor cushions. For this reason have we gone to a safe, more mono-chromatic, white's and green's feel at more and more homes. Don't get me wrong, I love a white garden more than anyone, I am just encouraging you to push the envelope a little. I go with all green's and white's either when I have a tricky brick color to pair with or a white painted house that is going with a Diana's "White Flowers" vibe. Color can be added through the use of flowering plants, colorful seating, outdoor rugs, outdoor drapery or well placed containers. Be mindful of the color wheel while choosing your new additions through the garden. If you are adding one of our raw metal containers, remember that they will turn a burnt orange/rust color. Mixing other accents of either yellows and reds or blue's are the best ways to go.   

Balance September 05 2013, 0 Comments

When planning your outdoor living space, take into consideration balance.  Google defines this as a condition in which different  elements are equal or in the correct proportions.  
Balance the spaces on themselves, balance the materials used and balance the textures that play a role in creating
 the space. We try to make sure to have a balance of wood, stone, metal, water, fire and the living plant palette in every project we plan. Textures help define a well planned project. For instance, if you have a grove of a heavy, evergreen plant material, try to use a fine, flowing plant material nearby to play off of. Do not confuse this conversation with symmetry though, symmetry and asymmetry are different conversations altogether. Keeping this thought process in mind while developing your property for your specific needs, the space is bound to look and feel incredible.